The Future is Cloud-based Collaborative Digital Health

Digital health platforms are essential in creating a collaborative healthcare ecosystem to engage patients, empower teams, and exponentially scale the last-mile delivery of care. The availability of clinical data in one platform allows healthcare professionals to improve access to care and increase patient outcomes while reducing operational costs. The possibility of sharing critical data in a common platform facilitates on-demand, real-time collaboration between patients and clinical experts, thereby exponentially increasing clinical efficiency and excellence.

Information Security Compliance Certifications:
ISO 27001:2013, ISO 27017:2015, ISO 27018:2019, HIPAA compliant.

Why Telemedicine for Eye Care?

Early detection and management of vision-threatening eye problems such as diabetic retinopathy, ARMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration), glaucoma, and cataract can help prevent blindness. The use of telemedicine can improve access to affordable eye care and provide effective intervention at the right time — a key differentiator in early detection and cure.

Fully Managed Eye Examination Service

By adopting best-in-class technologies and innovative deployment strategies, Forus Health optimizes patients’ access and affordability in non-traditional eye care delivery channels — including primary care, home screening, and corporate screening telehealth models.

  • Fully-managed services shall be provided to clients on an at-risk model that involves minimum capital cost, where fees are structured as monthly subscriptions or per-patient examination fees.
  • Forus Health’s digital platform is an intelligent and secure cloud platform that connects multiple stakeholders in the eye care ecosystem and enables continuous disease management.
  • The data generated by a device can be reviewed and monitored by eye care clinicians on both web and mobile applications.
  • A network of AI applications hosted on the cloud can impact clinical efficiencies and outcomes.
Disclaimer: AI applications are commercially available only in countries where they have been approved for clinical use.

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening at Primary Care

patient’s eyes

Capture color retinal fundus images of the patient’s eyes

cloud for review

Submit images on the cloud for review

diagnosis and advice

Eye doctor shares diagnosis and advice on reviewer app

Patient receives the report

Patient receives the report



Effective primary data acquisition using fundus cameras


Customizable cloud-based EMR


Panel of certified ophthalmic clinicians


Assisted AI to increase clinical efficiency


High data security and data privacy compliance (HIPAA compliant and ISO 27001, 2017/18 certified)

security-and-data security-and-data

Tele optometry Screening at Optical Store

img-responsive acquisition
Capture the refraction

Step 01

Capture the refraction reading of the patient’s eyes

Capture the refraction

Step 02

Upload the readings on the platform to make corrections

Capture the refraction

Step 03

Connect with an experienced panel of optometrists to get a second opinion on the readings

Capture the refraction

Step 04

Order spectacles online(if required by the patient)

Capture the refraction

Step 05

Share prescription with the patient

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